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Owning a pet offers a multitude of benefits for physical and emotional health of an individual or a family. After a stressful day, nothing can compare to the unconditional, unbiased love you receive from your pet. Hopping on you! Licking your face, with their tail wagging to an ecstasy.

In fact, research has shown that pets can decrease both blood pressure and anxiety and can even boost immunity. The number of households with pet dogs and cats in India accounted for approximately 17 million and 1.5 million respectively in 2018. There is a gradual two-fold increase is being anticipated since then.

While you may feel like yourself, just another number in the big, wide world, to your pet – you ARE their world. We had great instances to exemplify by remembering “Hachikō” was a Japanese Akita dog remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his owner, Hidesaburō Ueno, for whom he continued to wait for over nine years following Ueno’s death. Finally the onlookers were forced to recognize the dog’s loyalty. Sometimes, we humans have swayed to extreme ends and created such examples of love and extreme connect, as above but also developed a sense of brutal outcome. Just this month in India, we celebrate Holi – the festival of colors but the worry to many of us “ the animal lovers” is what if these people threw colors on dogs ? What if those dogs get skin irritations? How do we educate people? How do we ensure to protect those lovely pets?

Things have gone more terrific when we evinced the fact of an end given to few pets in Bangalore. We sensed that there’s no services around to take care pet funerals. While, people in their busy schedule finds it immaterial to dedicate time for doing it on their own. We at PFS have bridged those gaps and get close to your needs during such demise of your beloved pet. Allow us to work for this cause and help us achieve our mission to abrogate cruelty and the vision to Offer dignity!

PFS is a Bangalore based, Pet funeral service firm having standardized service to pick the pet from pet parent’s place and conduct the funeral on behalf. The intentions are noble but any noble thought to accomplish needs an awesome support, we seek your immense support by spreading awareness and help us achieve what we ought to.  Let’s add more mileage to humanity.

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